The Field 

The Field is our new, outdoor project which offers endless benefits and opportunities for the young people of Alness. As restrictions began to ease at the end of Summer 2020, we decided to permanently move our youth work services outdoors in accordance of restrictions, and to best meet the needs of our community. 


Before we stepped in to The Field, this area sat overgrown and vacant for over 30 years. 


Since then, we have worked hard to ensure this project offers experiences to all ages within our town. We are working with many partners and funders on this massive project, and will continue to strive towards our new goal to succeed in outdoor youth work. 



This photograph was taken as we stepped into The Field for the very first time on August 18th, 2020. With plants and nettles up to our heads, we could see this wouldn't be an easy task ahead but we were determined to succeed. 



This photograph was taken during our 9 week pilot programme to ensure this would be a success. In this short period of time, we put on movie nights, youth clubs, community events, and a whole load of fun for our Alness youngsters. 


The Future

1 year later, we have shown so much progress and development on The Field and we couldn't be more grateful for those that have contributed to this. The Field is a blank canvas for so many opportunities. Watch this space.