Working Towards a Better Community

The Place Youth Club has been around Alness for 32 years. In that time, we have created a massive range of different opportunities for young people. This includes things like residentials, employability workshops and many more. Our Youth Club has been a welcoming, warm, safe environment for the youth of Alness and has grown stronger over the years. We are constantly looking at new, innovative ways to benefit these children, their lives at home and their positive attitude. Working with these individuals allows us to get to know what they want from us and whether it's advice or just someone to talk to, we are always here. Alness has areas of deprivation like no other and we strive to take those kids out of these deprived areas, and serve as a positive impact on their lives. We are proud partners and work closely with organisations such as Youth Scotland, Youth Highland, In Your Element and many more. We love what we do. #AlnessWorkingTogether