About Us

Working Towards A Better Community

The Place are a registered charity of 32 years delivering youth services to youngsters around Alness. We offer young people a warm, welcoming environment through many great activity workshops and opportunities. 

We have an amazing team of youth workers and coordinators who are dedicated to working hard to ensure the best for our community. 


The Future of The Place 

The Place has been delivering quality youth work within our community for over 30 years and has contributed nearly £700,000 to youth work within Alness in the last 18 years. 


We have developed and delivered many innovative projects which have always been widely recognised by the residents of Alness. The Place were previously located on Alness High St in the old town hall building where we achieved so many great things. 


Due to COVID, we began to rethink the future of youth work in our area and after many meetings with our team and consultations with young people, our new outdoor project was born. Visit ''The Field'' tab for more information on this project. 

Meet The Team