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Till next time Summer!

We have now reached the end of our 6-week summer programme for 2022 and what a great time we’ve had with our young people as always!

From Summer Playscheme, to amazing outdoor activities, to being back at Badaguish afters years of missing out, to then conclude the holidays with this week’s fun week, we are delighted with the outcome of this year’s programme. The Field and The Place Drop-in has welcomed so many new faces through their doors, and we really hope that continues in the future.

To all the incredible people that helped us this summer, we cannot thank you enough. We have had so many people, businesses and organisations come forward to help with our programme and we couldn’t be more grateful for you all. This week was full of amazing activities to end the holidays, and this was all thanks to the amazing Xplosive Entertainments for coming along to The Field and providing us with his amazing equipment. We also delivered a Mini Playscheme in Milnafua, and as always we loved seeing you all up there. Thank you as always to the Milnafua community for being so welcome.

To our community, we thank you! The support we have received this summer has been phenomenal. We always strive to support our young people through thick & thin, and it has been amazing to receive this kind of support back. We hope your young people had the best time with us as this will always be the aim for us.

Although our summer programme is over, please stay up to date with everything the amazing Fèis Rois are doing in The Field. There are still many great days planned in our Unexpected Garden so please support them if you can.

Please also stay tuned for more fun days, activities, and workshops with us. We have some great plans for the latter half of the year so stay up to date through our Facebook page if you would like to be involved.

We hope to see you all very soon!

- The Place Staff & Management Committee


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