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Farewell, for now

For the last 9 weeks, we have been delivering our services to the young people of Alness under our stretch tent from the guys over at Highland Stretch Tents. We have been overwhelmed and incredibly happy with how these 9 weeks have gone. In such a short period of time, we have brought in over 1200 members of the community down to our field and that is just amazing. This would have never been possible without the help and support we have received from others, some even outwith the community that know our story.

(We have thanked them all on our Facebook page)

As this is a new project and The Field still needs work done, our tent will be getting taken down from the 13th of December so that we can start the required work as soon as possible. Although this may be a disappointing time for the youngsters who have been with us without fail every single week, this is not a permanent removal. In the future, our plan is to eventually purchase the tent and have it in our field forever. We recognise all the amazing and positive benefits that come with having the tent and we would love to make it ours. This is all funding dependant, but our team are working hard to try and find money for the work to be done to The Field, and also to purchase the tent.

We can't wait to share this vision further with the community of Alness in the New Year.


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