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Adventuring with In Your Element

In Your Element has been supporting us for years and has given our local young people so many great opportunities. Prior to COVID-19, we would book with IYE every year for things like Gorge walking, Caneoing etc, and travel down in the minibus to take part in these activities. We had to figure out a way to strengthen our partnership with the guys and give our kids the outdoor opportunities this year as soon as we could. After much thought, we contacted the Director of IYE, Mike Dunthorne, who then very kindly offered to come through to us to deliver.

After many long hours of planning, preparing and studying the correct guidelines, we announced 6 different opportunities for our young people to take part in locally. These included Caneoing, Mountain Biking and River Tubing. Every single one of these activities ran smooth and went great. Thankfully in all of them, the weather was also in our favour and although that made it harder for our mountain bikers, they all still pushed through and loved every second of it. We can never thank IYE enough. To see the smiles on the faces of these individuals whilst Caneoing through a loch, or hearing the laughter of our river tubers whilst speeding down a river, it really reminds of how great this job really is.


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