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Milnafua Playscheme

As soon as we got the go ahead from the Scottish Government on Youth Work guidelines, we began planning a couple Summer programs to deliver. One of the first programmes we came up with was a 2 day a week, Summer playscheme based in Milnafua. As we were one of the first youth groups to take on workshops again after lockdown, we had to get it right and follow every piece of advice we were given by the Scottish Government and Youth Scotland.

Milnafua playscheme was our introduction back into Youth Work after COVID-19 and we were blown away with how well it went. We had SEAR, Drumfun and Tazball come through to deliver various workshops, and on the days when it was just our workers, we played games and had the fun that we had all been missing for months. Milnafua is special to us. We recognise the level of deprivation there and how appreciative those kids are. They love everything we put on and we love delivering. I'm sure we will be back up there very soon.


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