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October Playschemes

Prior to the October Holidays, The Place team sat down and discussed a range of different programmes to keep the young people of Alness busy during the 2 week break. Due to the success in summer, we decided to return to the Westend and Milnafua to deliver a 2 week playscheme in both areas. Whilst following the necessary guidelines given by The Scottish Government and Youth Highland, this was another successful programme delivered by The Place. In both areas, we had a great turn out every day with lots of really fun things to do for the youngsters. Steve from Drumfun came along to teach some great drumming classes which is always a favourite, along with various different spooky halloween crafts. 

Like always, we have to give a massive thank you to the following people who helped make these 2 weeks possible; 

Milnafua Community Group 



DNA Dance

Councillor Munro 

Councillor Smith 

Robert Adair 

Debby Barnett and Leanne Robertson 

Youth Highland 

The Place Management Committee 

Of course, we have to give a special mention to The Place staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that these playschemes are always fun and exciting for our young people. This year has been extra challenging due to these strange times we are currently living in, but we were able to push through and pull off another great year of playscheme in both these areas. What an amazing team we have.


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