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Westend Playscheme

Just like Milnafua, the Westend is another area of high level deprivation that we always prioritise with our workshops. We recognised the success in Milnafua Playscheme early on and decided to replicate the same at the other end of the town in the Westend. For just 2 Mondays, we were outside the baptist church in Alness with SEAR and Drumfun, providing a day of fun for the Westend youths.

These 2 days were also a massive success and a great turn out. On the first day we had SEAR (Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue) come through and give our young people a talk on various different exotic animals. Both sessions loved it and sat very quiet during the talks due to how interested they were. At the end, they even got to stroke one of the massive snakes! On the second day, Steve from Drumfun came through and as usual gave the kids a day of laughter and fun whilst drumming. They played different games, told jokes and overall had a great time. We want to thank both of these providers for their ongoing support.


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